70 Top Attractions in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is a spectacular rugged region west of Sydney, Australia.

It's popular with holidaymakers and travellers because of its dramatic scenery.

You'll see deep canyons carpeted in eucalypts and rainforest, sheer cliff walls and tall waterfalls.

There are countless hikes and draw-dropping views.

And plenty of great restaurants, gardens and galleries.

Never been to the Blue Mountains before? I listed the most popular tourist attractions worth visiting at the beginning of the post.

If you've already experienced the most popular attractions, scroll down the page and you'll discover plenty of lesser-known gems.

So here's my ultimate guide to the best things to do in the Blue Mountains, Australia!

1. Three Sisters 

The Three Sisters is the most famous attraction in the Blue Mountains. It's a remarkable rock formation – three sandstone peaks that stand side by side in the Jamison Valley. According to Aboriginal legend, the rocks were three sisters who were turned to stone.

You can see the Three Sisters from Echo Point lookout in Katoomba. The views are breathtaking. Try to get there before sunset or in the evening if you can – the rocks are floodlit until 11 pm.

If you like hiking, take advantage of the various walking tracks that start from the lookout. A short and popular walk is The Three Sisters Walk. If you can handle a more intense workout, walk down the 998+ steps of the Giant Stairway!

Disclaimer: I may receive a small commission from some of the links on this page. 

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2. Scenic World

Scenic World

Scenic World is the most popular human-made attraction in the Blue Mountains.

A great place to take kids!

Embark on the steepest passenger train in the world, the Scenic Railway.

The train will take you to the valley floor where you can enjoy a short stroll through a temperate rainforest. 

Then ascends to the top of the mountain aboard the Scenic Cableway. 

Finally, glide 270 metres above the Jamison Valley to the neighbouring clifftop aboard the Scenic Skyway.

Enjoy stunning views of the valley below your feet through the see-through cabin floor! 

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3. Jenolan Caves

Touring Jenolan Caves

Explore the largest caves in Australia and the world's oldest caves.

The limestone formations and underground rivers are stunning.

You can tour nine out of 300 caves. 

The Imperial Cave is the easiest to visit because there are fewer stairs to climb.

The River Cave is the most challenging, with 1,298 stair steps and two high steel ladders.

The most famous and largest cave is Lucas Cave. It contains the 'Cathedral' chamber and offers glimpses of an underground river.

Tours are scheduled daily and booking is required.

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4. Govetts Leap Lookout 

View from Govetts Leap Lookout

Govetts Leap lookout is one of the best lookouts in the Blue Mountains.

The views are as spectacular as at Echo Point but without the large crowds.

Enjoy incredible views of the Grose Valley's deep canyons and massive sandstone cliffs.

Also, many bushwalks start here... Pulpit Rock Walk takes you to the remarkable Pulpit Rock lookout, and Cliff Top Walk to Evans lookout.

You can even walk to Bridal Veil Falls. 

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5. Three Sisters Walk

Honeymoon Bridge and Three Sisters

The Three Sisters walk is very popular with first-time visitors. If you only have time for one short hike, do this one! 

The walk starts at the famous Echo Point in Katoomba and arrives at the Three Sisters.

It offers fantastic views of the Jamison Valley. 

The walk takes about an hour return. It's easy except for the last short section. 

For the first part of the trail, the path is paved and smooth and is suitable for wheelchairs. 

Then you descend steep stairs to Honeymoon Bridge. It's the exciting part!

This dazzling bridge connects to the first sister – the views are superb. 

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6. Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens 

Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens

The Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens in Mount Tomah spreads over eight hectares. It's part of the UNESCO World Heritage Area.

Stroll along the meandering paths and enjoy the amazing views of the gardens and the valley.

See local and imported cool climate plants and alpine rainforest. 

Visiting is free. 

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7. Katoomba Falls 

Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls is a small but pretty waterfall near Echo Point.

The short hike to get there is the highlight because the views are picturesque.

It takes you to the bottom of the falls through a temperate rainforest. 

There are great lookouts along the walk...

Vaniman’s lookout overlooks the Three Sisters and the cable car crossing the valley. And Juliet’s Balcony offers unobstructed views of Katoomba Falls.

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8. Lincoln’s Rock 

Lincoln's Rock

Lincoln’s Rock is a large flat rock that offers sweeping views over the mountains and the valley below. 

Go at sunset for the best outlook and to get the most stunning photos.

Be careful with children because the rock is not fenced off.

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9. Wentworth Falls 

Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls is an impressive waterfall cascading 200 metres down.

It's one of the most famous waterfalls in the Blue Mountains – spectacular after rain.

Hike around Wentworth Falls and enjoy fabulous views from the many lookouts.

There are walks for different levels of fitness.

Take an easy walk to the top of the waterfall. Continue descending the steep stairs to the bottom for a bit more exercise.

The best views of the water plunging down the cliff are from Princes Rock and Fletchers lookouts.

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10. Treehouse Blue Mountains

If you fancy seclusion in the wilderness, check out Treehouse Blue Mountains in Bilpin. 

The treehouse sits between two national parks and is completely surrounded by nature.

It makes for a great escape.

The photos don’t do justice to this incredible place. 

The treehouse is not suitable for children.

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11. Echo Point to Scenic World Via Giant Stairway

Descending the Giant Stairway

This three-kilometre iconic walk is one of the top hikes in the Blue Mountains.

It offers magnificent views of the Jamison Valley and the Three Sisters.

Descend 998+ vertiginous steel and stone steps to the bottom of the cliff.

Walk along Federal Pass past Katoomba Falls all the way to Scenic World.

Then rest your legs and ride the Scenic Railway to the clifftop.

The walk is strenuous and takes about two to three hours to complete. 

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12. Grand Canyon Walk

Grand Canyon walk

This popular 6-kilometre loop walk takes you to waterfalls, rock pools, creeks and stunning views.

The Grand Canyon walk starts at Evans Lookout in Blackheath.

It descends into the Grose Valley, continues through lush rainforest and ascends back out.

The path is steep in some parts but I've seen people of all ages strolling along.

And the canyon keeps you cool in summer. 

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13. Leura 

Leura in full blooms

Leura is a gorgeous village dotted with manicured houses and gardens. A great town to base yourself to explore the Blue Mountains.

The town appeals to those preferring a classy village vibe.

Shop at Leura Mall (below) and stroll around the extensive gardens at Everglade Historic House and Gardens.

Dine at excellent restaurants like Madame Wang's and Polar Bear of Leura.

Spring is a great time to visit because the cherry trees are in full bloom.

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14. Leura Mall 

Leura Mall

Stroll along the strip of quaint shops and cafes in Leura.

It's a nice break from all the bushwalks and sightseeing trips. And a relaxing place to stop on your way to or from the Blue Mountains.

Shop for unique accessories at Teddy Sinclair. Savour homemade brownies and delicious ice cream at Josaphan's Fine Chocolates.

The Candy Store, with lollies from all around the world, is a highlight!

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15. Cahill’s Lookout 

Cahill's Lookout

Cahill’s lookout offers impressive views of the Megalong Valley and Narrow Neck Plateau.

You can spot Boar’s Head Rock from the lookout. It's a unique rock formation that looks exactly like a pig head.

Cahill’s lookout is located in the heart of the Blue Mountains yet away from the crowds.

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16. Leura Cascades 

Leura Cascades

Leura Cascades is a pretty waterfall.

Enjoy the sound of birds chirping and the stream cascading down the rocky slope.

The walk takes you past two small waterfalls and to Leura Cascades.

You can also walk further to Bridal Veil lookout and enjoy stunning views over Bridal Veil Falls.

The walk is moderately easy and takes 30 minutes – perfect with kids.

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17. Breenhold Gardens 

Garden's colourful leaves

Breenhold Gardens covers an area of 45 hectares.

It's located in Mount Wilson, which is famous for its cool climate gardens.

See northern hemisphere trees, flowering trees, tall eucalypts and more.

Autumn is the top time to visit because of all the colourful leaves. The series of pine forest windbreaks is stunning.

Breenhold Gardens is usually open in spring and autumn – better check on their website.

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18. Cinnabar Kitchen 

Cinnabar Kitchen

Head to Cinnabar Kitchen in Blackheath for an outstanding dining experience. It feels like you're dining overseas.

The atmosphere is warm and the service excellent. 

Try the sizzling Jamaican spiced prawn pot, the poached spinach ricotta dumplings and the braised beef cheeks. A treat!

The restaurant is not suitable for children under eight. 

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19. Sublime Point Lookout 

View of the Three Sisters from Sublime Point Lookout

Enjoy sweeping views of the Jamison Valley and the Three Sisters at Sublime Point lookout.

The lookout is perched high on the edge of a cliff.

You can see far across the valley and you feel like you're on top of the world.

It's no doubt one of the best viewpoints in the Blue Mountains.

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20. Everglades Historic House and Gardens 

Visit the extensive gardens and historic house in Leura.

Saunter through the terraced gardens, courtyards and cobblestone pathways.

The shrubs and cherry blossom trees are beautiful and the views breathtaking.

Then enjoy the Art Deco design in the main house and a Devonshire tea, scones and homemade cake in the tea-room.

Booking is required. 

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21. Pulpit Rock Lookout 

Pulpit Rock Lookout

Pulpit Rock lookout is nothing short of spectacular. The views over the Grose Valley are incredible.

Three lookouts linked by stairs and railings sit on three different levels.

Standing on this raised rock platform is thrilling. I dare you to walk down to the last floor on the edge of the cliff!

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22. Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum 

Lindsay Gallery and Museum

Norman Lindsay Gallery is the former home of the artist Normal Lindsay.

See his oil paintings, model boats and sculptures. And the gallery featuring the characters from The Magic Pudding.

Then enjoy the cafe and the shop.

You can also stay in one of the cabins on the property, which includes an admission ticket to the gallery.

Booking is required. 

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23. Katoomba

Katoomba shops

The town of Katoomba is in the heart of the Blue Mountains. A perfect place to base yourself to explore the region's biggest attractions.

There are many things to do in the town itself and great restaurants like Aunty Ed's and Basil Nut.

Explore the Street Art Walk and shop for a second-hand book at Mr Pickwicks Fine Old Books.

Then grab a drink and cosy up beside the fireplace at the luxurious Carrington Hotel.

Or enjoy a beer on tap and delicious chips with aioli at Old City Bank Brasserie. 

There are plenty of accommodation options in town.

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24. Enchanted Cave 

Enjoy a secluded stay in the wilderness.

Spend a night at The Enchanted Cave for a unique and romantic experience. Cosy up by the fire at night.

The views of the valley from the spa, the balcony, the bed and the outdoor shower are breathtaking.

The little round door to enter the cave is very cool. 

And do not miss the nearby glow worm tour after your stay.

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25. Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum 

Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum

The Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum is a fascinating museum with informative displays.

The small arms manufacturing factory began production in 1912. It became Australia’s first high precision mass production facility.

Now the museum presents a collection of arms from the era of the first production to the current day.

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26. Charles Darwin Walk 

Top of Wentworth Falls

Charles Darwin Walk is easy, has bridges and boardwalks and takes about one hour each way.

The walk follows a creek with several cascades and arrives at the top of Wentworth Falls.

There are stunning views of the Jamison Valley and water tumbling down the cliff.

You can also continue going down the steep stairs to the bottom of Wentworth Falls.

It's a great walk to experience if you arrive by train because Wentworth Falls Station connects to the track.

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27. Crib Room Restaurant 

Crib Room Restaurant

If you’re in the Lithgow vicinity, head to Crib Room Restaurant for dinner. 

I love the food there. 

The atmosphere is friendly, the menu is extensive and the portions are generous.

But what’s best is the attentive service and excellent food.

Also, enjoy the decoration with old mining artifacts and photos.

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28. Japanese Bath House 

Japanese Bath House

Visit the Japanese Bath House for total relaxation.

Take a cold plunge into the icy tube, then relax in the several indoor and outdoor hot baths.

Mineral spring water flows from 300 metres underground.

The steam room may well be the highlight. 

So relaxing!

Booking is required. 

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29. Prince Henry Cliff Walk 

Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Experience the Prince Henry Cliff walk if you'd like to see dramatic landscapes.

This seven-kilometre walk follows the cliff edge. It passes lots of lookouts with some of the best views in the Blue Mountains.

The trail stretches between Katoomba and Leura.

The walk is moderately challenging and takes about three hours to complete. But you can exit at many places along the trail.

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30. Campbell Rhododendron Gardens


Campbell Rhododendron Gardens in Blackheath covers an area of 18.3 hectares.

See exotic species like Azalea and Rhododendrons. They thrive among native eucalypts and bushland.

Then enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and a delicious scone with jam and cream at Rhodo Tea Room.

The best time to visit is from October to November. The rhododendrons and other species are in full bloom and display stunning colours. 

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31. Bilpin Cider 

Bilpin Cider

The town of Bilpin is known for its delicious apples and is called the “land of the mountain apple”.

Sample fresh apple and pear cider at Bilpin Cider. They make cider using fresh local fruits. There’s zero sugar or artificial flavours.

The drinks are delicious!

Sit on the lawn and enjoy live music. You can also visit the gardens and orchard.

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32. Glow Worm Tunnel 

The light of Glow Worms

The Glow Worm Tunnel near Lithgow is the best place to see the glowing blue light of glow worms.

Dozens of glow worms cling to the walls and roof.

The 400-metre tunnel was built in the early 1900s as part of the railway to Newnes Kerosene and Shale Works. It's now abandoned.

The tunnel is very dark and damp inside, an ideal condition for glow worms.

Bring a torch and good walking shoes. 

If you'd like to join a tour and hike from the Wolgan Valley to the tunnel, I recommend Wolgan Valley Eco Tours. 

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33. Bebeah Gardens 

Bebeah Gardens

Bebeah Gardens is a cool climate garden in Mount Wilson that sprawls over 5 hectares.

There are impressive and towering trees like oaks, magnolias and conifers. And beautiful hedges of species like azaleas and camellias.

Autumn is the best time to visit because of the stunning colours.

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34. Hillbilly Cider 

Hillbilly Cider

Chill out at Hillbilly Cider in Bilpin.

Pick your favourite spot to sit, outside in the open air or inside in front of the fire.

Kids can play in the grassy area. You can also take your pet!

Enjoy the view of orchard and delight in the atmosphere.

Sip on a cider, beer or wine while savouring a woodfire pizza. Or even better, try a tasting paddle. The cider is delicious!

Buy a case of apple or pear cider to take back home.

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35. National Pass 

National Pass walking along the cliff

This epic walk along the side of a cliff was built by hand in the early 20th century.

Enjoy walking along ledges and climbing staircases.

And descend the historic Grand Stairway to the base of the Wentworth Falls waterfall. It’s a highlight.

Gaze at dramatic views from the lookouts.

This challenging walk takes around three hours to complete.

Due to a rockfall in 2017, National Pass is closed between Valley of the Waters and Slack Stairs. Check the latest update here.

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36. Mayfield Garden 

If you're fond of gardens, you won't mind the 75-minute drive from Katoomba to Mayfield Garden.

This visit may well be the highlight of your trip.

Mayfield Garden sprawls over 65 hectares.

It's Australia's largest privately-owned garden and one of the world's biggest cool climate gardens. 

Its creation was inspired by stately gardens in Europe.

The Water Garden is impressive. Enjoy cascading water, colourful trees and the stunning stone bridge. Kids love the Maze.

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37. Elysian Rock Lookout 

Elysian Rock Lookout

Elysian Rock lookout in Leura offers magnificent views across the Jamison Valley.

Two fenced lookouts joined by a bridge sit high on the cliff edge.

If you feel like bushwalking, Elysian Rock lookout is part of Prince Henry Cliff Walk.  

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38. Victory Theatre Antique Centre 

Victory Theatre Antique Centre

If you like collectable objects, do not miss the largest antique centre in the Blue Mountains.

You’ll find a large variety of gone by items over two floors. You can easily spend hours wandering around and looking at all those treasures.

There’s a cafe onsite for a well-needed break after antique hunting.

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39. Wentworth Falls Lake 

Wentworth Falls Lake

Wentworth Falls Lake is a great spot to relax and take the kids because there's lots of space to run around.

The lake was made by the damming of Jamison Creek to provide water for steam railways.

It's now used for recreation.

Ride scooters along the shore, walk around the lake and picnic on the edge of the water.

Kids will enjoy the pirate ship playground and all the ducks.

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40. Dryridge Estate 

Dryridge Estate

Taste delicious wine and savour cold meat and cheeses or a ploughman's platter at Dryridge Estate.

Enjoy fantastic views of the Megalong Valley and escarpments from the Cellar Door.

What's better than wine and cheese in breathtaking surrounds!

This boutique vineyard is open for wine tasting on weekends.

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41. Hanging Rock 

Hanging Rock

As the name suggests, Hanging Rock is a massive rock formation that hangs over a cliff. 

The place makes for fantastic photos.

To get to Hanging Rock, walk or ride a bike along Burramoko Fire Trail in Blackheath for four kilometres. 

Don’t try to jump over the gap to get on Hanging Rock because there’s a long drop. It’s very dangerous.

This place is not suitable for kids because of the unfenced cliff edge.

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42. Street Art Walk 

Street Art Katoomba

Stroll through Beverly Place in Katoomba and admire over 30 murals full of aerosol art.

The murals have transformed an ordinary laneway into a giant open-air art gallery.

Some of the best local and international street artists created these.

A quirky addition to Katoomba!

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43. Mountain Biking Trails

There are fantastic mountain biking trails in the Blue Mountains for everyone.

Oaks Fire Trail is an exhilarating trail that’s suitable for beginners.

Other great trails include Narrow Neck, GBMT and Burramoko Ridge.

Burramoko Ridge is ideal for beginners because there are little hills. And it leads to Hanging Rock!

For less exertion, ride an E-Bike with a guided tour.

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44. Lost Bear Gallery 

Lost Bear Gallery in Katoomba displays gorgeous contemporary art by Australian artists.

See amazing paintings, sculptures, ceramics and glass art. There are also different exhibitions throughout the year.

The gallery opens daily from 10 am. 

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45. Jellybean Pool 

Jellybean Pool

Jellybean Pool is a great spot to take the kids on a hot day on your way to the Blue Mountains.

Enjoy swimming, picnicking on the sandy beaches and climbing on the rocks.

Younger children can splash about in the shallow water near the sandy beaches.

Keep a close watch on the kids because there are lots of very deep swimming holes.

Go as early as you can because it can get busy. 

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46. Ruined Castle Walking Track

Golden Stairs sign

The Ruined Castle Walk is one of the best walks in the Blue Mountains.

The track leads to a beautiful rock formation that looks like a ruined castle. It offers stunning views over the valley.

The walk begins at the Golden Stairs and descends into the Jamison Valley.

You can also take it from Scenic World if you’re travelling by bus.

The walk is rated hard because of the steep slope and stairs at the start and finish. It’s otherwise easy.

It takes about four hours to complete.

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47. Blue Mountains Chocolate Company 

Blue Mountains Chocolate Company

Have a sweet tooth?

Then stop at Blue Mountains Chocolate Company in Katoomba between your sightseeing trips.

Sip on a delicious hot chocolate made with real chocolate melting on candlelight.

Indulge on handmade chocolates, caramel cheesecake and chocolate mud cake.

It's a great place to buy chocolate presents to bring back home. 

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48. Woodford Oaks Trail 

Ride your mountain bike downhill for eighty per cent of the way from Woodford to Glenbrook...

From an altitude of 607 metres to 163 metres. It’s exhilarating!

The single track at the end is the icing on the cake.

The trail is suitable for beginners.

It goes for 28 kilometres and takes three to five hours to complete.

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49. Cliff Top Walking Track

View from Evans Lookout on the Cliff Top walking track

The Cliff Top walk runs around the edge of the Grose Valley from one stunning viewpoint to another.

The track passes many lookouts with amazing views of the valley and waterfalls.

The walk is challenging but well worth it.

It's 3.5 kilometres one way and takes about 2 hours to complete.

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50. Blackheath

The Victory Theatre Blackheath

Blackheath is a lovely village to visit. It has many shops and cafes like Katoomba and Leura but without the tourist crowds.

Enjoy Campos coffee at Anonymous Café.

Drop-in for a fresh sandwich at Blackheath Continental Deli.

Enjoy a cup of soup and choc top with a movie at the old fashioned cinema Mount Vic Flicks.

Also, some of the best attractions in the Blue Mountains are nearby...

Check out Govetts Leap lookout and the Campbell Rhododendron Gardens.

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51. High and Wild Abseiling and Canyoning Adventures 

Abseil down waterfalls, jump into pools of crystal-clear water and swim through waterways.

The Blue Mountains has hundreds of deep and narrow canyons carved by rivers running through sandstone plateau.

Canyoning and abseiling in the Blue Mountains is a fun adventure!

If you'd like to join a tour, check out High and Wild Mountain Adventures.

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52. Jamison Lookout

View from Jamison Lookout

Jamison lookout is an accessible and wheelchair friendly viewpoint. It sits right next to the carpark and you can sit on the bench seat.

Enjoy the expansive views over the Jamison Valley and Mount Solitary.

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53. Jenolan Caves Blue Lake

Enjoy a relaxing and peaceful walk before or after you Jenolan Caves tour. The Blue Lake is a quick walk from Jenolan Caves.

See the amazing blue colour of the lake.

You can't swim in the Blue Lake because it's a platypus habitat, but you can have a dip at the bottom of the small waterfall.

The water is cold, though.

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54. Wind Eroded Cave 

Wind Eroded Cave

The Wind Eroded Cave is an unusual rock formation worth visiting.

As the name suggests, the wind has carved the tall cave over time and has created various sized holes. 

You can also walk to Anvil Rock (below) while you're there because the track starts from the same carpark.

It's a great spot to take kids because both walks reward you with fascinating features.

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55. Anvil Rock Lookout

Visit Anvil Rock for a sweeping vista of the mountains and the valley away from the crowds.

You may even see Sydney CBD in the distance if you have good eyes.

The best time to visit is at sunset.

Anvil Rock is a moderate 5-minute walk from the carpark. 

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56. Blue Mountains Cultural Centre 

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre in Katoomba contains a gallery with exhibitions and artworks.

There’s also a library and an interactive display.

Into the Blue explores the history and natural landscape of the Blue Mountains.

Enjoy the views across the town from the viewing platform, a coffee and local arts and crafts at the gift shop.

It’s a great place to visit when it’s raining.

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57. Mount Banks Summit Walk

View of Mount Banks

Mount Banks Summit Walk is a short but steep climb.

Although there's not much of a view from the summit, you'll enjoy the great outlook of the Grose Valley on the way up.

The walk takes one to two hours to complete. 

You can also take the easier but longer path to the summit along the road, but the views are not as good.

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58. Hassans Wall Lookout 

Hassans Wall Lookout

If you visit Lithgow, it's worth taking the short drive from town to Hassans Walls.

Hassans Walls is the highest lookout in the Blue Mountains at 1,100 metres above sea level. 

You'll see magnificent views of the valley below and escarpments.

And don't miss the short walking track that leads to the small cave for a great outlook of the rock wall.

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59. Mountain Culture Beer Co

Mountain Culture Beer Co

Enjoy a handcrafted beer at this little gem after your bushwalks.

This locals' favourite venue offers a great selection of beers. And you can eat burgers and fries, which combine too well with beer.

The place has a cosy feeling. The interior is beautifully styled with high ceilings and exposed beams.

Mountain Culture Beer Co is in a splendid heritage building off the main road in Katoomba. 

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60. Blue Mountains Explorer Bus

Blue Mountains Explorer Bus

The Blue Mountains Explorer Bus is a great way to explore the major attractions if you're without a car.

The bus frequently travels around Katoomba and Leura so you can hop on and off at many attractions. 

It's also fantastic if you want to hike because you can get dropped off near a walk and get picked up at another spot.

As opposed to public transport, the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus saves you a lot of time.

Their office is right beside Katoomba Station so you can buy a ticket on arrival. You can also buy a ticket online.

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61. Featherdale Wildlife Park


Featherdale Wildlife Park is not in the Blue Mountains but it's a popular place to visit on the way to the region. 

Featherdale Wildlife Park is a wonderful hands-on zoo. 

You get to see many native and international animals. 

You can also get up close to some animals, cuddle up to a koala and hand-feed kangaroos. 

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62. Leuralla NSW Toy & Railway Museum

Leuralla NSW Toy & Railway Museum

This museum has the largest collection of toys and trains in the southern hemisphere.

So many old collectables! From barbie to Popeye to Tintin, you’ll see them all. 

Outside is a lovely garden and an amazing train collection.

Revisit your childhood and bring back memories! 

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63. Carrington Cellars & Deli 

Carrington Cellars & Deli

Stock up on tasty delis, beers and wines for a picnic at Carrington Cellars & Deli in Katoomba. 

Browse the enormous range of local and international wines, beers and cheeses.

Not to mention excellent local produce like jams, preserves and honey. 

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64. Empress Falls

Empress Falls Blue Mountains

If you like waterfalls and don’t mind a little bit of a workout, take the short but steep walk to Empress Falls. 

It’s a beautiful waterfall, particularly after rain. 

The walk takes at least one hour. The steps can be slippery, so wear good shoes. 

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65. Blue Mountains Heritage Centre

Blue Mountains Heritage Centre

Blue Mountains Heritage Centre in Blackheath is a great place to visit and receive expert advice.

The staff is super friendly and welcoming. They'll give you lots of helpful tips about walks and activities in the Blue Mountains.

There's also a gallery, a gift shop and an excellent interactive display. Enjoy watching the video presentation. 

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66. Fruit Picking

Apple tree

Are you travelling with kids via Bells Line of Road?

Then why not stop at an orchard and pick your own fruit!

The town of Bilpin is full of orchards where you can pick your own apples or stone fruit depending on the time of the year.

There’s no entry fee, you just pay for what you pick.

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67. Gordon Falls Lookout

Gordon Falls Lookout

Take an easy downhill stroll to Gordon Falls Lookout in Leura.

Gordon Falls Lookout offers stunning views of the Jamison Valley and the waterfall.

From here, you can continue walking down to the Pool of Siloam. Or along the cliff to Olympian Rock lookout and Leura Cascades.

The walk starts at Gordon Falls picnic area, a lovely spot to have a picnic and let the kids run off their energy. 

The place is uncrowded as opposed to the more touristic areas in Katoomba. 

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68. Mountain High Pies

Mountains High Pies sign

Grab a scrumptious pie at Mountain High Pies in Wentworth Falls. 

From vegetarian to vegan to gluten-free to traditional meat pies, the choice is yours. 

Try the brekkie pie with home-made baked beans, sausage, chorizo, soft poached egg, bacon and potato topped with hollandaise sauce.

Or a satay lentil and chickpea pie. 

No wonder this venue has won lots of awards over the years. 

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69. Kanangra Walls

Kanangra Walls

Feeling adventurous? Head to Kanangra-Boyd National Park. 

Drive on the unsealed road with your 4WD and hike to the breathtaking Kanangra Walls. 

Follow the Plateau Walk, which takes about two hours and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Then follow the shorter track to the lookout. 

Your jaw will drop to the majesty and sheer size of the view. You’ll most likely see wildlife too. 

The national park is located 35 minutes from Jenolan Caves, so it’s worth combining both visits. 

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70. Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum

Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum

If you’re passionate about trains or have kids who love Thomas the Tank Engine, then spend a day at Valley Heights Rail Museum.

You’ll see a great selection of locomotives and model railways. And the oldest roundhouse left in NSW.

The ride in the steam tram is a highlight!

The museum was created in 1988 to maintain the Valley Heights Locomotive Depot.

Enthusiastic and super friendly volunteers run the museum, which opens on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.

They don’t sell tickets on-site, so make sure you book online before you go.

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Where to Stay in the Blue Mountains

There are so many great places to stay in the Blue Mountains.

Before choosing your accommodation, decide which village you’d like to stay in. 

Each village has its pros and cons.

Wentworth Falls is quieter than the other villages and there are great walking tracks close by.

It may suit hikers who are seeking a relaxing getaway.

Blackheath is an excellent option if you'd like a less touristy village than Katoomba and Leura.

There are excellent cafes and restaurants, great hiking and stunning scenery.

Katoomba and Leura are in the heart of the Blue Mountains so are a great pick if you’re visiting for the first time or travelling by public transport.

It's easy to walk around these villages and catch the bus or the hop on and hop off Blue Mountains Explorer Bus.

If you decide to stay in Katoomba or Leura, I suggest these accommodations: 

Our Favourite Places to Stay in Leura

Fairmont Resort & Spa Blue Mountains

This large hotel is popular with families with young children – activities for kids abound!

If you prefer smaller boutique hotels, this may not be the best accommodation for you.

But this will be a perfect fit if you're after all-encompassing facilities.

Fairmont Resort & Spa Blue Mountains is located on the edge of the Jamison Valley so you can enjoy hikes from the hotel.

And stunning views.

Check the price and to read the latest reviews

Old Leura Dairy

Old Leura Dairy is unique.

An old run-down dairy has been converted into six distinctive rustic retreats...

Straw Bale House, Buttercup Barn, The Studio, The Worker’s Cottage, The Milking Shed and Moo Manor.

Each sleep from 2 to 11 people.

These idyllic cottages are a 15-minute uphill walk to the shops, restaurants and public transport in Leura.

It may not suit if you’re without a car or not keen on walking that distance.

But this will be a great fit if you have a car and want a peaceful location.

Check the price and to read the latest reviews

Our Favourite Places to Stay in Katoomba

Carrington Hotel

Carrington Hotel is an elegant hotel with a historic atmosphere. It transports you to a bygone era.

The hotel is in the heart of Katoomba right next to shops and restaurants and a short stroll from the train station.

Buses that go to Echo Point Lookout, Scenic World and other places run in the main street outside the hotel.

Breakfast is included, and there’s a cocktail bar and lounge room in the hotel.

Check the price and to read the latest reviews. 

Lilianfels Resort & Spa - Blue Mountains

Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa has great facilities like swimming pools, a tennis court and a day spa. 

It’s a bit pricier than the other places but a good fit if you’re looking for more than just a room to sleep. 

The resort is located beside Echo Point and a five-minute drive to Katoomba’s main strip.  

Check the price and to read the latest reviews

Kurrara Historic Guest House

If you’d like a more intimate option, check out Kurrara Historic Guest House. The atmosphere is lovely.

It has nine guest rooms with an ensuite and a yoga studio. 

This guest house is located a 10-minute walk to the village’s main strip.

Check the price and to read the latest reviews

Blue Mountains YHA

Blue Mountains YHA is an excellent option if you’re out all day and all you want is a cosy bed to sleep at night.

The family rooms with private bathrooms are roomy, clean, quiet and comfortable.

There also are dormitory rooms.

The shared kitchen, dining and lounge rooms are spacious – great if you’re travelling with children. 

Check the price and to read the latest reviews

Getting to the Blue Mountains

By Car

Follow the M4 Motorway from Sydney.

The M4 Motorway becomes the Great Western Highway which leads straight to the Blue Mountains.

By Train

Trains depart about every hour from Sydney Central Station. 

The train goes directly to Wentworth Falls, Leura, Katoomba then Blackheath.

Check out the timetable on the Trip Planner here.

If you don’t have a car, I recommend staying in Leura or Katoomba and travelling via the hop on hop off Blue Mountains Explorer Bus.

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