14 Best Walks in the Blue Mountains 

The Blue Mountains is a walking paradise.

There are so many beautiful walks along cliffs or deep in valleys. Most tracks comprise stunning lookouts along the way, which offer spectacular views of rugged cliffs, eucalypt carpeted valleys and plunging waterfalls.

The walks I have listed below are my favourites. They're all under 10 kilometres.

Make sure you check updates here before heading out because the tracks can sometimes be closed.

Disclaimer: I may receive a small commission from some of the links on this page. 

1.   Three Sisters Walk

Distance: 0.8km return

Duration: 35 min

Grade: Easy

Walk to the famous Three Sisters from Echo Point lookout – the walk takes about an hour.

For the first part, the path is paved and suitable for wheelchairs. Then you descend steep stairs to Honeymoon Bridge, which connects to the first sister – the exciting part!

To get there, drive to corner Echo Point Road and Cliff Drive, catch bus 686 from Katoomba Station or hop in the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

2. Grand Canyon Walk 

Distance: 6.3km loop

Duration: 3 hrs

Grade: Moderate

This popular 6-km loop walk takes you to waterfalls, rock pools, creeks and stunning views. The walking track descends into the Grose Valley, continues through lush rainforest, and ascends out.

The canyon keeps you cool in summer.

The Grand Canyon walk starts at Evans Lookout in Blackheath. Follow Evans Lookout Road to the end and park in the carpark. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

3. Echo Point to Scenic World Via Giant Stairway 

Distance: 4.7km one-way

Duration: 2hrs

Grade: Hard

This 5-km iconic walk offers magnificent views of the Jamison Valley and Three Sisters.

Descend 998+ vertiginous steel and stone steps to the bottom of the cliff. Walk in the valley all the way to Scenic World. Then ascend the mountain aboard the Scenic Railway.

The walk is strenuous and takes about two to three hours to complete. 

The walking track starts from Echo Point lookout in Katoomba. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

4. National Pass

Distance: 4.5km loop

Duration: 3hrs

Grade: Hard

Following the side of a cliff, this epic walk was built by hand in the early 20th century.

Enjoy strolling along ledges, climbing staircases and descending the historic Grand Stairway to the base of the Wentworth Falls.

The walk takes around three hours to complete.

Due to a rockfall in 2017, National Pass is closed between Valley of the Waters and Slack Stairs. Check the latest update here.

5. Katoomba Falls 

Distance: 1.2km loop

Duration: 1hr

Grade: Moderate

The short hike to get to this pretty waterfall is a highlight – the views are picturesque. The walking track takes you to the bottom of the falls through a temperate rainforest past scenic lookouts.

The walking track starts at Scenic World in Katoomba, corner of Violet St and Cliff Dr. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

You can also get there by public bus or the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus.

6. Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls is an impressive waterfall cascading 200 metres down.

Hike around Wentworth Falls and enjoy fabulous views from the lookouts. There are walks for different levels of fitness.

Take an easy walk to the top of the waterfall or a strenuous hike to the bottom.

Enjoy the best views from Princes Rock and Fletchers lookouts.

Park at Wentworth Falls picnic area along Sir H Burrell Drive in Wentworth Falls. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

7. Leura Cascades

Distance: 0.8km loop

Duration: 30 min

Grade: Moderate

Leura Cascades is a pretty waterfall.

The walk takes you past two small waterfalls and to Leura Cascades. Enjoy the sound of birds chirping and the stream cascading down the rocky slope.

You can also walk further to Bridal Veil lookout and enjoy stunning views over Bridal Veil Falls.

The walk is moderately easy and takes 30 minutes – perfect with kids.

Park along Cliff Drive near Leura Cascades picnic area in Leura. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

8. Charles Darwin Walk 

Distance: 2.4km one-way

Duration: 1hr

Grade: Moderate

Charles Darwin Walk is easy, has bridges and boardwalks and takes about one hour each way.

The walk follows a creek with several cascades and arrives at the top of Wentworth Falls.

There are stunning views of the Jamison Valley and water tumbling down the cliff.

You can also continue going down the steep stairs to the bottom of Wentworth Falls.

It's a great walk to experience if you arrive by train because Wentworth Falls Station connects to the track.

If you arrive by car, Follow Falls Road to Wentworth Falls picnic area in Wentworth Falls. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

9. Prince Henry Cliff Walk 

Distance: 7km one-way

Duration: 3hrs

Grade: Moderate

Experience the Prince Henry Cliff walk if you'd like to see dramatic landscapes.

This 7-km walk follows the cliff edge. It passes lots of lookouts with some of the best views in the Blue Mountains.

The trail stretches between Katoomba and Leura.

The walk is moderately challenging and takes about three hours to complete. But you can exit at many places along the trail.

The walk starts from Echo Point in Katoomba or Gordon Falls picnic area in Leura. Click here for directions to Echo Point or here to Gordon Falls picnic area. 

10. Hanging Rock 

Distance: 10km return

Duration: 2hrs

Grade: Moderate

As the name suggests, Hanging Rock is a massive rock formation that hangs over a cliff.

The place makes for fantastic photos.

To get to Hanging Rock, walk or ride a bike along Burramoko Fire Trail in Blackheath for 5km.

Don't try to jump over the gap to get on Hanging Rock because there's a long drop. It's very dangerous.

This place is not suitable for kids because of the unfenced cliff edge.

To get there, follow Ridgewell Road to the locked gate. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

11. Ruined Castle Walking Track 

Distance: 6.6km return

Duration: 4hrs

Grade: Hard

The Ruined Castle Walk is one of the best walks in the Blue Mountains.

The track leads to a beautiful rock formation that looks like a ruined castle. It offers stunning views over the valley.

The walk begins at the Golden Stairs and descends into the Jamison Valley.

You can also take it from Scenic World if you're travelling by bus.

The walk is rated hard because of the steep slope and stairs at the start and finish. It's otherwise easy.

To get there, follow the unsealed Glenraphael Drive in Katoomba for about 2km to the Golden Stairs carpark. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

12. Cliff Top Walking Track 

Distance: 6km return

Duration: 3hrs

Grade: Moderate

The Cliff Top walk runs around the edge of the Grose Valley from one stunning viewpoint to another.

The track passes many lookouts with amazing views of the valley and waterfalls.

The walk is challenging but well worth it.

Follow Govetts Leap Road in Blackheath for 2.5km and follow the signs to Govetts Leap lookout. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

13. Mount Banks Summit Walk 

Distance: 2.4km return

Duration: 2hrs

Grade: Moderate

Mount Banks Summit Walk is a short but steep climb.

The views from the summit are obstructed, but you'll get a stunning outlook of the Grose Valley on the way up.

You can also take the easier but longer path to the summit along the road, but the views are not as good.

To get there, follow Mount Banks Road (10km west of Mount Tomah) for 1km to the carpark. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

14.   Empress Falls 

Distance: 1.1km return

Duration: 1hr

Grade: Hard

If you like waterfalls and don't mind a little bit of a workout, take the short but steep walk to Empress Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Blue Mountains.

It’s particularly impressive after rain.

The walk takes at least one hour – the steps can be slippery, so wear good walking shoes.

The track starts at the Conservation Hut at the end of Fletcher Street in Wentworth Falls. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

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