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When summer is coming and it’s getting warm… It’s time to plan for a holiday. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Sydney and head to one of the many beaches on the NSW Central Coast. 

Copacabana Beach sunrise

All Beaches

Here's a map showing all the beaches on the Central Coast. Just zoom in to the beach you want to visit. If you click on a link you’ll discover more about the beach and things to do nearby. 

Listed from north to south:

Patrolled Beaches

Most beaches are patrolled from the beginning of the September school holidays through to the end of the April school holidays. An exception is Frazer Beach - it's patrolled during summer holidays and Easter.

You can check whether the beach is patrolled on the day you are visiting on this site: beachsafe.org.au. Just type in the beach in the search box.

Listed from north to south:

Family-Friendly Beaches - Our Favourites

If you're looking for a great beach to take the kids to, check out the most popular beaches on the Central Coast with families and our favourites with the kids.

Listed from north to south:

Dog-Friendly Beaches

Above are the beaches which have a designated section for pets to exercise without a leash. Many of these beaches are fantastic for dogs...

Secluded Beaches

If you’re tired of the crowded tourist beaches on the Central Coast, take a break, enjoy the peace and quiet, and visit one of these secluded beaches.

Listed from north to south:

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