Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures

Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures offer exciting adventures for the whole family, friends, couples, corporate groups, and people of all ages and all skill levels.

It is one of Sydney’s best day out – the 3,000-acre property is in a valley surrounded by untouched bushland on the Central Coast, one hour from Sydney via the M1, or 20 min from Gosford.  

Experience abseiling, kayaking, laser skirmish, horse riding, and quad biking run by enthusiastic and super friendly instructors.

You can be a complete beginner or experienced…. they cater for absolutely everybody.  

Young children can ride ponies, children over the age of 7 can kayak, horse ride, play laser skirmish, abseil, and kids over the age of 12 can ride squad bikes.

Check out the school holiday activities – Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures organise special programs for children so kids can have a fun day, and you get them back exhausted at the end of the day... it’s a great deal.

More experienced visitors will also be challenged with free-range horse riding, abseiling in steeper drops, and kayaking further down the river. 

Stay overnight if you want to… camp in the valley or stay in a tepee or Eco-Cabin. You’ll be able to experience more adventures if you stay longer than a day.  

You can usually fit two activities a day; groups depart in the morning and in the afternoon.

Horse Riding

Experience guided or free-range horse riding through the scenic valley.

Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures cater for every rider, from beginners to advanced. They'll pick a horse among their 200 horses that matches your abilities.

First time riding a horse? No need to be nervous. The instructors are very nice, and they'll take care of you. They'll give you a horse that’s easy to ride and teach you how to mount and trot. Most people bypass their nervousness quickly.

Are you a skilled rider and think you may get bored? The instructors consider every rider. If you're experienced, the guides will encourage you to leave the group and canter. 

Enjoy the scenery… you'll cross creeks, and ride through hills and valleys. You may go in the water with your horse if the weather allows.

Groups depart twice daily during weekdays and three times daily in the weekends. Horse rides usually last for 2 hours. But Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures also offer longer rides in the weekends.

Quad Biking

You'll feel exhilarated driving your own ATV vehicle over trails specifically designed for squad biking. Ride in the scenic valley over potholes and technical trails. Quad biking is a lot of fun.

Everybody over the age of 12 can ride… from beginners to confident riders. It’s a great activity for teenagers.

If it is your first time riding a quad bike, don’t worry; the instructors will take care of you…

The instructors will give you a safety briefing and teach you how to drive the machine. You'll wear a helmet and safety glasses. Then you'll practice driving the quad bike to build your confidence. The quad bikes are fully automatic.

Quad biking groups depart four times daily and go for 1.5 hours.


Kayak at a relaxed pace, solo or in tandem, on the serene Popran Creek. Popran Creek is calm and packed with birdlife.

Kayaking caters for all abilities, from beginners to experienced paddlers. Kayak as far as your group wants to.

You'll wear a life jacket. The guide will give you instructions and tips and point out interesting places along the creek.

Groups depart daily at 10 am and 2 pm and paddle for 2.5 hours.

If you’d rather paddle on your own in Popran Creek, bring your own kayak or hire one at Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures.  You can also hire a stand up paddleboard. Meander along Popran Creek as far as Hawkesbury River or Mangrove Creek.

Laser Skirmish

If you like paintball, you’ll like laser skirmish... this game is mess free.

Keep your adrenaline pumping in combat simulation like in the army. Strategise with your team mates. Hide among the trees, trawl the bush, and search for the opponents. Hold your gun and keep your finger on the trigger. Fight and destroy your enemies. Safely that is…

You'll be shooting with infra-red guns. When you hit your enemy, the infra-red beam hits a sensor on their head and gun, which deactivates their gun. Of course the purpose of the game is to deactivate all enemies.

If you have kids over the age of 7 who like adrenaline-seeking activities… they’ll love this.

The instructors will give you instructions and show you how to use your weapon before the session. You'll wear a camouflage uniform.

Soldiers depart at 10 am and 2 pm daily. Combat lasts for up to 3 hours.


Challenge yourself or stick to easy abseils – you're in complete control of your adventure.

Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures provide different sites suited to beginners and experienced abseilers… open-air descents, abseiling beside a waterfall, hangouts, cave exploration. While abseiling, you’ll enjoy the views of the lush valleys and meandering creek.

The instructors will brief you on safety and teach you how to abseil. You'll practice abseiling at an easy site so you can build your confidence. Then you'll progress to more challenging descents comprising an overhang.

The instructors are qualified, and the equipment and technique they use ensure your full safety.

Groups depart at 10 am and 2 pm daily and abseil for 2.5 hours.

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