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The Entrance Australia makes for a great family weekend away. It’s easy to see why.

View of The Entrance from the bridge

There are many things to enjoy here. Attractions include Pelican Feeding, Tuggerah Lake cycleway and the kids amusement rides at Memorial Park.

This post is to show you what The Entrance is about through photos…


I took this picture from the bridge.

You can see the town of The Entrance in the background. The water you see is the channel, which connects the Pacific Ocean with Tuggerah Lake.

The beach is on the left side of the photo and it’s a short walk to Memorial Park.

You can see a Ferris wheel on the right side of town. That’s where Memorial park and the kids’ attractions are situated, as well as Pelican Feeding.

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Pelican Feeding

Pelicans Feeding is the biggest attraction in The Entrance.

You can see many pelicans in the channel at any time of the day. But a pod congregates here daily at 3:30 pm to be fed by volunteers beside a crowd of tourists.  

Three pelicans lining up before Pelican Feeding

Pelicans have been coming here every day since 1979, which started after being given food by a boy during his lunch breaks. It has become a popular tourist attraction ever since.

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I took the photo above at about 3 pm and many pelicans had already started to arrive. It’s fascinating to see them arrive one by one.

One pelican waiting to be fed and tourists waiting for Pelican feeding to start.

This photo was taken just before feeding time. All the pelicans had arrived and were waiting for food.

The pelican are being fed at Pelican Feeding.

Feeding had started.

Memorial Park

As I said, Memorial Park is where the kids’ attractions are situated. The “fair” is on weekends and school holidays.  

A Ferris Wheel at Memorial Park - The Entrance

This Ferris wheel is one of the many attractions in Memorial Park.

Jumping castle and carousel at The Entrance

There’s an old carousel, jumping castles and slides.

Memorial Park & pony rides

A large park with playgrounds – pony rides were held in the park the day I took this photo.

Ferris wheel and touring train at Memorial Park - The Entrance

Here’s a little train that tours the waterfront. It’s inexpensive and young children like to take a ride on it.

Vera's Water Garden - The Entrance

This is a water fountain called “Vera’s Water Garden” in which kids can go in and get wet.  We always pack swimmers and towels whenever we visit The Entrance.

You’ll find fish and chips, ice creams, clothing shops and restaurants in the shops you see in the background.

The Entrance Channel

You can walk along the channel. The views are stunning.

View of the channel from the sidewalk in The Entrance.

Walking along the channel – you can see the ocean in the background.

View of the channel and the bridge from the sidewalk in The Entrance.

I took this photo from the sidewalk. You can see the bridge and kids playing in the channel. You can also usually see pelicans and anglers.

Panoramic view of The Entrance channel and Tuggerah Beach.

This is a panoramic view of the channel. The beach you can see on the right side on the other side of the channel is Tuggerah Beach. Pullman Magenta Shores Resort is located along this beach.

The Entrance Beach & Baths

The Entrance Beach is only small, and it’s patrolled in summer. You can also swim in the ocean baths at the other end of the beach. There’s an Olympic size pool and a toddlers’ pool.

The Entrance Beach and ocean baths in the background.

The flags weren’t up when I took this photo above, but this is where you’d usually swim. You can see the ocean baths at the opposite end of the beach.

The Entrance Beach patrolled.

This photo was taken in summer when the beach was patrolled.

The Entrance Baths

How inviting is this swimming pool?

Coast to Lake Walk

The Coast to Lake walk starts from the beach and loops back to town.

The easy 8-km walk follows the coast from The Entrance Beach to Toowoon Bay. Then it crosses town and follows Tuggerah Lake back to The Entrance.

The Coast to Lake Walk sign

The Coast to Lake walk is well-signed.

Tuggerah Lake

Tuggerah Lake is on the western side of town. The lake is popular for fishing, boating, and you can walk or cycle on the shared pathway along the lake.

Automatic bike hire station in Memorial Park - The Entrance.

This is the automatic bike hire station in Memorial Park.

The Boat Shed The Entrance

The Entrance Boat Shed is where you can hire boats, kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards and fishing gear. Other fishing shops are also located in town.

Skateboard park The Entrance

This is the skateboard park beside Tuggerah Lake and along the shared pathway.

Tuggerah Lake cycle track. Girl cycling along.

Tuggerah Lake cycle track is great for the whole family as the track is flat and there are playgrounds and picnic spots along the way.

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Tuggerah Lake cycle track and Tuggerah Lake in the background.

There’s always a beautiful view of the lake along the shared path.

These photos represent a typical day in The Entrance. It’s worth spending a day or two here if you’re looking for a nice weekend away with your family.

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