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Our insider’s guide to the Central Coast NSW has been growing steadily and has reached interesting results in 2019!

What We Have Achieved in Terms of Numbers…

Our Alexa rank in Australia reached 37,188 in January 2019. (As our traffic is seasonal, our Alexa rank fluctuates throughout the year.)

The site is growing fast! It received 150,000 visitors in the past twelve months compared to 74,000 the previous twelve months measured by Google Analytics… a 103% increase!

More than 95% of our traffic is from organic traffic, which means that visitors find us on Google search results, so our traffic is highly targeted!    

At the time we are writing we rank on major search engines for several searches related to Central Coast.

Most readers are Sydney siders looking for specific information about the Central Coast in the planning and experiencing stages of their getaway.

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Due to the volume of requests we received daily, we have simplified the process of managing the ads.

If you wish to buy banner ad space on our site, you can now do so through Mediavine Direct as they are our exclusive ad management company.

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