The 10 Best Walks on the Central Coast You Must Do

Below you’ll find out all about the best walks worth experiencing on the Central Coast near Sydney.

Our region is well known for its beautiful beaches.

But the Central Coast also has superb national parks and walks that offer spectacular coastal views.

So if you’re looking for a great walk or hike to experience, here are the locals' favourite ones.

Walks and Hikes



Somersby Falls

500 m return


Little Beach trail

1.5 km return


Maitland Bay track

1.8 km return


Kariong Brook Falls

4.6 km return


Piles Creek loop

4.7 km loop


Pearl Beach to Patonga walk

6 km return


The Coast walking track

6 km return


Coast to Lake walk

7.5 km loop


Bouddi Coastal Walk

8 km one-way


5 Lands Walk

10 km one-way

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1. Somersby Falls

Central Coast Walks

Distance: 500 m return

Duration: 15 min

Difficulty: Medium

This popular walk through a dense rainforest leads to two beautiful waterfalls lower down a bush track.

The prettiest waterfall sits mid-way along the track. The walk leading to it is steep, but the stairs make it easy. Kids enjoy playing around the puddle and some people like to stand under the falling water.

The bottom waterfall is smaller. Wet rocks cover the pathway, which makes this part of the walk a bit slippery. Make sure you wear non-slippery walking shoes.

It's a great spot to visit during a hot summer day as the dense forest keeps you cool.

There's a picnic ground with barbecues and picnic tables at the start of the walk.

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2. Little Beach Trail

Central Coast Walks

Distance: 1.5 km return

Duration: 1 hr

Difficulty: Easy

This short and relaxing bush walk leads to Little Beach, a secluded cove in Bouddi National Park.

Enjoy a calming stroll through a beautiful remnant rainforest.

It’s a perfect walk for families because kids can walk there and back on their own. You can even push a pram.

Take a picnic, let the kids explore the little stream, beach and rocks and chill.

There’s also a camping ground, non-flush toilets, picnic tables and a barbecue.

>> Find out more about the Little Beach trail

3. Maitland Bay Track

Central Coast Walks

Distance: 1.8 km return

Duration: 1 hr 

Difficulty: Medium

Maitland Bay track is a short but steep bush walk through gullies and lush vegetation that leads to a gorgeous secluded beach.

Located beside Killcare and Macmasters Beach, the walk is easily accessible by car. The track is paved and there are stairs. 

It links to other great bush walking tracks if you’d like to walk a little longer, including Bullimah Spur walking path and the Coastal Walk. 

Set aside a couple of hours to dip your toes at Maitland Bay beach and have a picnic.

>> Find out more about the Maitland Bay track

4. Kariong Brook Falls

Central Coast walks

Distance: 4.6 km return

Duration: 1 hr 30 minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Kariong Brook Falls is a lovely waterfall in Brisbane Water National Park.

Surrounded by sandstone walls, overhangs and lush vegetation, the place feels secluded and secret.

The waterfall is impressive after rain, and you can have a dip in the large water hole.

It’s a great spot for a picnic.  

>> Find out more about Kariong Brook Falls

5. Piles Creek Loop

Central Coast Walks

Distance: 4.7 km

Duration: 3.5 hr

Difficulty: Medium

Piles Creek loop is an enchanting bush walk in Brisbane Water National Park.

Hike underneath sandstone caves, over an old suspension bridge, past waterfalls, and if you go in spring, past tons of pretty wildflowers.

The track follows Piles Creek through dry eucalypt forest and rainforest gullies and takes you to the bottom of the gorge and across the creek over the suspension bridge, where you’ll hear the relaxing sound of the running stream.

Piles Creek loop starts at Girrakool Picnic Area, a perfect place for a picnic. Parking costs $8.

>> Find out more about the Piles Creek loop

6. Pearl Beach to Patonga Walk

Central Coast Walks

Distance: 6 km return

Duration: 3 hr

Difficulty: Medium

Another contender for one of the best Central Coast bush trails is the Pearl Beach to Patonga walk. 

It’s a pleasant hike up and down the headland between Pearl Beach and Patonga, which greats you with incredible views over the Hawkesbury River and Northern Beaches at Warrah Lookout. 

Pack your swimmers and have a dip in Pearl Beach and Patonga Beach before and after your bush walk. Enjoy lunch at Pearl Beach Café or an upscale dinner at the Boathouse Hotel in Patonga. 

>> Find out more about the Pearl Beach to Patonga walk

7. The Coast Walking Track

Central Coast Walks

Distance: 3 km one-way

Duration: 1 hr 15 min

Difficulty: Easy

The Coast walking track is a very popular bush walk located in Wyrrabalong National Park.

Situated near the popular Central Coast towns of The Entrance and Terrigal, the walk is easily accessible and offers stunning coastal views, beaches and lookouts along the way.

People of all fitness levels undertake this well-maintained walk along the clifftop between Forresters Beach and Bateau Bay each day.

Enjoy a picnic midway at Crackneck Lookout and watch for migrating whales.  

>> Find out more about The Coast walking track

8. Coast to Lake Walk

Central Coast Walks

Distance: 7.5 km loop

Duration: 3 hr

Difficulty: Easy

The Coast to Lake walk is an interesting and varied walk along beaches, a lake and towns.

Passing through Toowoon Bay, Long Jetty and The Entrance, you can enjoy many cafes along the walk and swim at beautiful beaches. 

The walk returns along the shore of Tuggerah Lake, where you can revel in a beautiful sunset at one of the jetties. 

There are great amenities along the walk, including toilets and water refill stations.

>> Find out more about the Coast to Lake walk

9. Bouddi Coastal Walk

Central Coast Walks

Distance: 8 km one-way

Duration: 4 hr

Difficulty: Medium

The Coastal Walk is one of the most popular bush walks on the Central Coast.

Stretching between Killcare Beach and Macmasters Beach, the hike offers breathtaking coastal views all the way, beautiful beaches and cafes at each end.

Spend some time and dip your toes at the secluded Maitland Bay and Little Beach along the way. 

Put on those hiking shoes and swimmers, and don’t forget your camera.

>> Find out more about the Bouddi Coastal Walk

10. 5 Lands Walk

Central Coast Walks

Distance: 10 km one-way

Duration: 4 - 6 hr

Difficulty: Medium

The 5 Lands Walk is a magnificent 10-kilometre walk that traverses five beautiful Central Coast beaches, from Macmasters Beach to Terrigal.  

It’s an organised event that happens on the Saturday closest to the winter solstice. Still, you can enjoy the walk any time of the year, albeit without the phenomenal energy of the participating crowd, festivities and art exhibitions. 

You may spot migrating whales, and there are many cafes and spots to swim along the way. 

>> Find out more about the 5 Lands Walk

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