Lake Macquarie Top Attractions & Beaches

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Lake Macquarie is a perfect location for a holiday or weekend away because of the beautiful large lake, relaxing lifestyle and great beaches...

The lake is located between the Central Coast and Newcastle: 30 min south of Newcastle, 1 hr north of Terrigal, and 2 hrs north of Sydney.

The lake is well known for being the largest coastal saltwater lake in Australia – it’s twice the area and volume as Sydney Harbour!

Here are the best attractions,beaches and other places worth visiting. You'll find tips on accommodation at the bottom of the page. 

Lake Macquarie Beaches

Catherine Hill Bay

Catherine Hill Bay

Catherine Hill Bay is located just south of Swansea.

Catherine Hill Bay is an old mining and heritage-listed village.  You can sense the bygone setting as soon as you enter the village.

Here you won’t find any tourist development, no hotels, no modern restaurants. That’s the reason why the beach at Catherine Hill Bay is so unspoilt and quiet.

So the beach is ideal if you fancy both an untouched beach and safe swimming with lifeguard patrol.

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Caves Beach

Caves Beach

Caves beach is a popular beach. A series of caves is located at the southern end of the beach. You can enter and explore the caves when the tide is low.

Caves Beach is also family-friendly. You’ll find a cafe, toilets, lifeguards and picnic area beside the beach.

It’s also a stunning beach.

I can safely say that it’s one of my favourite beaches, and it’s worth spending a day there particularly if you have children.

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Blacksmiths Beach

Blacksmiths Beach at Lake Macquarie

Blacksmiths Beach is a patrolled beach just north of Swansea Channel.

The beach is uncrowded and family-friendly because it has a reputation for safe swimming.

What sets this place apart is it’s one of the few beaches where you’re allowed to drive with a 4WD – imagine… cruising on nearly 6 km of soft sand and dunes!

Blacksmiths Beach – or Blackies as the locals call it – is fun, and actually a great spot for a holiday.

Plus it’s located a mere 5-minute drive to Swansea.

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Redhead Beach

Redhead Beach

Redhead Beach is a patrolled beach at the northern end of Nine Mile Beach.

It’s a popular surfing and swimming spot near Newcastle and a great beach to escape the summer crowds…

The beach is vast, parking is easy to find and the scenery is stunning.

The first things you notice at Redhead Beach are the huge rocky cliff and the never-ending beach that goes for miles.

You’re allowed to drive with a 4WD in the middle section of the beach.

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Lake Macquarie Attractions

Speers Point Park

Speers Point Park at Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie Variety Playground at Speers Point Park is the best and biggest playground between the Central Coast and Newcastle.

It’s not only a great playground for kids of all ages and abilities, but it’s also a fantastic picnic area with a restaurant / cafe beside it.

This Playground is definitely worth the car trip to get there, and it’s also worth spending several hours with family and friends.

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Fernleigh Track

Fernleigh Track

The Fernleigh Track is a great shared path that was built on a former railway line.

15 km of easy cycling / walking on a paved pathway through peaceful bushland and wetland, between Adamstown and Belmont.

I liked the Fernleigh Track straight away. It’s away from the roads, it runs through the forest and it’s peaceful.

It’s worth heading to Lake Macquarie and cycling the whole 15 km. We did it with the kids…

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Lake Macquarie Towns

Warners Bay

Warners Bay foreshore

Warners Bay is a lovely town on the edge of Lake Macquarie.

There’s a lovely foreshore area where you can enjoy picnicking and admiring beautiful sculptures.

You can also enjoy cycling or walking along the 9-kilometre lakeside path. Enjoy the stunning views of the lake.

You can also enjoy several indoor activities, like laser tag and go-kart.

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Other Things to Do in Lake Macquarie

Where to Stay at Lake Macquarie 

Are you looking for a highly-rated place to stay? 

I have cherry-picked great places to stay near the lake and beaches. There's a range of accommodation types: caravan parks, motel, hotel, bed and breakfast, and apartments...

7 top places to stay in Lake Macquarie

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