Your go-to guide to the NSW Central Coast 

This NSW Central Coast guide will help you enjoy the beaches, bushland and attractions of the Central Coast, a beach getaway just north of Sydney, Australia. 

With a vast extend of bushland, coastline and more than 40 beaches, the Central Coast offers many options for families, couples, hikers and beach goers. 

Not to mention the number of chic cafes and restaurants is rising. 

What to do on the central Coast...

41 beaches stretch along the mouth of the Hawkesbury River, Broken Bay and the Pacific Ocean. And they’re all different…

Some are calm and perfect for children and others are great for surfing. Many are patrolled while others are secluded. Some are hidden in the bush – you can only walk to them. Find your favourite!

Central coast Beaches

Central coast Getaways

As you already have discovered, the Central Coast is packed with natural sceneries... lakes, bushland and beaches.

National parks, state forests and conservation areas abound. There are many beautiful walks you can do and lookouts to visit. 

There are also great attractions: Australian wildlife you can see up close. Activities that will boost your adrenaline. Nice spots worthy of a visit. I’ll show you all the places and things to do that the locals really enjoy.

See the must-do below...

Central Coast Attractions

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