Dangar Island - Tips for Visiting

I liked Dangar Island from the moment I stepped out of the ferry.

A few things helped:

The welcoming jacarandas and the palm trees lining the shore, the idyllic setting of the cafe facing the Hawkesbury River and the bridge, the wheelbarrows and bicycles parked at the wharf instead of cars, but mainly the relaxing pace.

Dangar Island

This suburb is the only one in Sydney with no cars, and it must also be the suburb with the friendliest locals. And the only place that makes you feel like settling there forever.

Welcome to my future hometown…

I wished.

Visiting Dangar Island? Read our complete guide below.

Why Visit Dangar Island

There are no big tourist attractions or hotels on the island.  

So why visit?

As I mentioned, the place is free of vehicles, and it's also the only populated island on the Hawkesbury River. The village is an isolated community by its very nature, so it's peaceful, wonderful, and different.

Dangar Island

The 270 or so residents carry their possessions in wheelbarrows instead of cars. The wheelbarrows are parked beside the ferry wharf, ready for use.

School children ride their bikes to the ferry wharf to catch the ferry to go to school.

Walking around the village is surreal...

Cars can't be seen or heard, and you do notice their absence. You can walk freely on the streets and not have to watch for vehicles.

So the best thing to do here is to walk around the island and experience it like a local.

Drink a coffee at Dangar Island Depot. Then walk the 4-kilometre loop around the local streets. Enjoy the beautiful houses surrounded by lush vegetation.

There are toilets near the Bowlo and a shop beside the wharf. 

Stay overnight in a holiday accommodation if you can.

Come for a tour…

Things to Do

1. Have Breakfast or Lunch at Dangar Island Depot

Dangar Island

After alighting from the ferry, head to Dangar Island Depot, a delightful cafe beside the ferry wharf.

The café serves all day breakfast and lunch. Enjoy a fair trade coffee with a ploughman's lunch or an avocado, feta and soft-boiled egg on sourdough bread garnished with dukkah.

It opens daily from 8am to 4pm.

Sit at a peaceful table overlooking the Hawkesbury River and the bridge. It's one of those places that makes you want to stay for hours.

Check Dangar Island Depot on Facebook.

2. Walk Around the Island

Dangar Island

After lazing at the café, have a stroll around the island.

The roads wind around for 4.3 kilometres. You can't get lost because all the roads lead back to the ferry wharf.

Allow 2hrs 15min.

You'll walk past the bowling club and Bradleys Beach, and you'll get great views of the Hawkesbury River from higher up the island. You'll also walk past heritage listed Blackbutt trees.

The Riverview Loop circles Kiparra Park, which contains a playground, community hall and timber Bowling Club.

The Bradleys Beach Loop circles the island's eastern side and leads to Bradleys Beach.

Download a self-guided walk here

3. Dine at Dangar Island Bowling Club

Dangar Island

Located at Kiparra Park, the bowling club and the community hall are important places for the locals who come together there. 

The quaint Dangar Island Bowling Club opens from Thursday to Saturday for dinner and on Sunday for lunch, and it’s also open on Saturday for lunch during the school holidays.

Have a relaxing dinner with fish and chips, salt and pepper squids, or a gourmet burger.

Be mindful about the last ferry departure to Brooklyn. If you’re only spending the day here, you may only have time for lunch.  

Check Dangar Island Bowling Club on Facebook.

4. Swim at Bradleys Beach

Dangar Island

Located on the island’s south, Bradleys Beach is a long and narrow stretch of sand fringed with houses and lush vegetation, with boats anchored out at sea.

It’s the place where children play and locals go to cool off.

You can access the beach via Grantham Crescent.

Have a dip in the ocean or chill on the beach for a few minutes.

Where to Stay on Dangar Island

Staying on Dangar Island for a few nights is a great experience. The island is located close to Sydney, yet it’s isolated and surrounded by nature.

You can search for a holiday rental on a site such as Airbnb. Fabulous Aibnb’s include:

  • Terrumbula is a gem. Relax among the treetops and enjoy sweeping views of the Hawkesbury River and the bush. This house is perfect for a couple.
  • Boatshed Bliss is an idyllic cottage right on the water. You can take your boat and your dog. It’s a perfect place to escape for 2 or 3 people.

How to Get to Dangar Island 

To get to the island, you have to catch a ferry from Brooklyn.

Dangar Island

The ferry travels between Brooklyn and Dangar Island several times a day. The trip takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending on whether the ferry stops at Little Wobby on the way. It costs $9 for adults and $4.50 for children. They don't accept Opal cards. 

Check the ferry timetable

Brooklyn Wharf is located beside Hawkesbury River railway station, so it’s easy to get there by train from Sydney on the Sydney-Newcastle railway line. The train trip takes one hour from Sydney Central Station or 25 minutes from Gosford Station.

Remember to also plan your trip back because the last ferry leaving the island is late afternoon.

Plan your whole journey with this trip planner.

You can also drive to Brooklyn via the M1. Click here to get the directions to the wharf on Google Map. There’s usually free parking available, but it can fill up quickly in the weekends and school holidays, so travel by train if you can.

You can also take the Hawkesbury Water Taxi if you miss the ferry. Call 0422 300 100.

Side note: When you take the ferry back, notice how busier and noisier Brooklyn seems to have become – it’s because you have adapted to the tranquillity of Dangar Island. 

Map of Dangar Island

Dangar Island

Dangar Island Pictures

Dangar Island
Dangar Island
Dangar Island
Dangar Island
Dangar Island
Dangar Island
Dangar Island
Dangar Island
Dangar Island
Dangar Island
Dangar Island

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