5 Best Beach Chairs to Buy in Australia in 2019

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I've been researching the best beach chairs to buy in Australia. 

Having a great beach chair is important, particularly if you’re going to be spending more than a few minutes at the beach.   

There are so many options out there, from chairs with an adjustable pillow and that fully recline to lightweight chairs that you can carry on your back.

Some offer built-in accessories like a cooler and a storage compartment, others some sit low in the sand or higher off the ground.    

Beach chairs can also be useful at other places like at the park or camping.    

There are so many choices on the market that it can be difficult to choose. That’s why I have researched and came up with these great beach chairs.

Here are some of the best beach chairs you can buy in Australia in 2019:

1. Best Overall Beach Chair 

Simple yet sturdy, Coleman Beach Chair Quad Low Sling is lightweight and compact when folded and keeps you comfortable at the beach all day long.

Coleman Beach Chair Quad Low Sling is very comfortable to sit on at the beach all day.

The high back provides full support, and the chair sits low so that you can stretch your legs in the sand.

The padded armrests are a welcome addition. 

You can store your items like sunscreen, keys and phone in the seatback pocket. And there’s also a mesh cup holder for drinks.

Coleman Beach Chair Quad Low Sling is light and easy to carry. It folds compact and you can carry it in the carry bag with the shoulder strap.

It’s a simple chair but very well made and built to last. Made with powder-coated steel frame, it can hold up to 113 kg.

Cons: Some people may find it hard to get out of the chair as it sits low in the sand. 

2. Best Backpack Beach Chair

The multifunctional Rio Tommy Bahama Backpack Chair is comfortable and easy to carry. 

Rio Tommy Bahama Backpack Chair is comfortable enough to spend hours at the beach.

It’s made a bit wide and it reclines in five different positions. You can even lie completely flat.

There’s also an adjustable pillow, so your head is always supported.

The chair’s practical storage makes it easy to keep all your stuff together...

Put a small ice pack in the insulated cooler pouch and your drinks and snacks will stay cold. Store your little things like your mobile phone, keys and cash in the closing pocket and your water bottle in the bottle holder.

You can also hang your towel on the folding rack at the back of the chair. 

The chair is easy and comfortable to carry with the padded backpack straps. 

The frame is made of aluminium and the fabric of 600 denier polyester, and the chair can carry up to 136 kg. 

Cons: The chair is not intuitive to close. There’s a simple trick to it–stand at the rear of the chair, hold the back leg with your foot and push the back seat forward.  

3. Best Budget Beach Chair

A great chair at a reasonable price, Coleman Cooler Quad Chair is versatile and comes with lovely added extras like a built-in cooler and a side pocket.

For just over $50, Coleman Cooler Quad Chair offers excellent value for money.

It’s a versatile chair that you can use at the beach, at camping and the park.

The chair is very comfortable, and the seat is roomy and high enough from the ground to make it easy to get in and out.

You’ll also find nice added extras like a cooler built into the arm of the chair that can hold four cans. Add some ice and you’ll have cold drinks at easy reach.

There’s also a mesh cup holder and a side pocket in which you can store your book, keys, phone, sunglasses and snacks.

The chair supports up to 147 kg.

Cons: Coleman Cooler Quad Chair is a little cumbersome to carry, and it doesn’t breathe well as there’s no mesh. And some reviewers said their chair broke soon after using it (comes with a one-year warranty).

4. Best Portable Beach Chair

The comfy Rio Beach Lace-up Aluminium Backpack Chair is easy to carry and has a large pocket to store your small towel, sunscreen and phone.

This beach chair is comfortable as it has four reclining positions and an adjustable pillow.

Also, the chair sits at 28 cm off the ground, so you can stretch out your legs in the sand.

Rio Beach Lace-up Aluminium Backpack Chair is very easy to carry on your back as it’s lightweight (3.6 kg) and the backpack straps are padded.

The frame is made of aluminium which is rust-proof.

The large pocket at the back can carry a small towel and other small items like sunscreen and phone.

Stick the backpack chair on your back and walk to the beach hands-free.

Cons: Folding the chair is counter-intuitive, so better follow the instructions.

5. Best Lounging Beach Chair

Offering a slight recline, Rio Breeze Beach Chair is perfect for lounging at the beach. 

The chair is very comfy. There’s an adjustable pillow to support your head, extended seat depth and canvas-style seating. 

The mesh at the centre of the chair allows the air to flow through, which helps you stay cooler in hot summer days. 

The chair sits low on the sand, so you can easily stretch your legs out. 

Rio Breeze Beach Chair is super easy to fold and unfold, and easy to carry with the straps, although not the lightest at 5 kg. 

The frame is made of rust-resistant powder-coated steel, and the chair can hold up to 113 kg. 

Cons: The chair is very comfy, but it may not suit those who want to sit up straight as it leans back a little. 

How to Choose a Beach Chair

Frame Construction

Beach chairs are made of either aluminium, steel or wood.

Aluminium is lighter to carry and resistant to rust, but it may dent or bend if not handled gently.

Steel is stronger, but a bit heavier and less resistant to rust, although the metal has most of the time been powder-coated to make it rust-resistant.

Wood is durable and has a classic look but is too heavy to carry to the beach.


A comfortable beach chair will have a high back seat.

And it will come with added extras like an adjustable pillow, many reclining positions, a wide seat, vented sling and armrests.

Added Extras

These added extras can take a chair from good to great:

  • Cup holder
  • Integrated cooler
  • Storage pockets.
  • Headrest or adjustable pillow
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Built-in umbrella


Most beach chairs on the market can be folded, are lightweight and come with a carry bag with strap.

But some chairs are lighter to transport than others.

Backpack chairs are the easiest chairs to carry because they leave your hands free. And the most lightweight beach chairs have an aluminium frame.

Weight Capacity

Weight support generally ranges from up to 100 kg to 180 kg.

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