Tesalate Beach Towel Review – Worth the Price?

Tesalate beach towel – would I pay for one?

Is it really sand-free?

Tesalate beach towel

That’s what I was wondering until they emailed me with an offer of a free towel in exchange for a an honest review – lucky me!

I got this towel for free but don’t make any money from sales. Read my disclosure for more information. 

I don’t often accept these offers - but this one was different.

I knew this was THE towel.

Tesalate often appeared in my Facebook feed. I’d read plenty of great reviews.

The towels are designed in Australia.

They’re made with AbsorbLite™ fabric, a blend of polyester and polyamide designed to be:

  • Sand-free
  • Quick-drying
  • Absorbent
  • Compact and lightweight

So I couldn’t wait to test the towel against these claims.

You’ll find out all about the results below.

I hope this post will help you make up your mind about whether to buy one or not.

Or at least it will answer some of your questions.


I received this small package.

Look how small the towel is!

Tesalate beach towel compact package.

So the towel is truly compact.

The first thing that impressed me after I pulled the Tesalate out was the look and feel.  

The quality seems excellent – I doubt the colour will fade.

I was expecting a smooth texture, similar to that of my other cheaper sand free towels.

But the Tesalate feels different...

The fabric is denser and has a waffle-like texture.

Tesalate beach towel
Tesalate beach towel
Tesalate texture

The second thing that impressed me was how beautiful the towel is.

It looks almost prettier in reality than on online photos.


Tesalate claims that AbsorbLite™ fabric allows the sand to slip off easily.

I tried shaking off the sand off when the towel was dry, damp, and soaked to check this claim.

I placed the dry towel on the sand and laid on it for a while.

(By the way, the towel is very soft and comfortable to lie on.)

Then I shook the sand off.

The sand slipped right off. Great.

I went for a swim, dried myself with the towel to wet it a bit and laid on it for a while.

Then I shook off the sand.

All sand came off straight away. Great again.

Finally, I submerged the towel in the ocean then wrung as much water out as I could.

I buried the towel in the sand for a while then shook off the sand.

Some sand stuck to the towel, so I let the Tesalate dry an hour or two.  

Then I shook off the sand, and it all came off straight away.  

So the towel’s ability to repel the sand is impressive.

With normal use, you won’t be bringing sand back home.

Just don’t bury the towel in the sand after dropping it in the water.

(Who does that anyway?)

The Tesalate is definitely sand free.


Tesalate claims that the towel dries in half the time than a regular beach towel.

To check that, I hung a wet Tesalate and regular cotton beach towels on the line.

The Tesalate took 3 hours to dry.

The weather was cool and overcast, so it would probably dry faster in the sun.  

The regular beach towel was still damp by the time I went to bed.

So the Tesalate does dry much quicker than a regular towel.

Handy for travelling.  


Tesalate claims that its towel can hold up to 1 litre of water without dripping.

So I soaked the towel in 1 litre of water to check.

The towel absorbed all the water quickly and did not drip. 

The claim is correct.

I find the towel very absorbent at the beach and enjoy using it.


Tesalate claims that the towel is compact and lightweight.

The towel IS very compact. You can see this on the photo at the top of the post.

Tesalate is easy to carry in any bag without adding bulk.

The towel weighs 440g - much lighter than a standard beach towel.

When wet, it’s a bit heavy, though.

But what else would you expect of a towel that absorbs a lot of water?

So the Tesalate is compact and lightweight (at least when dry).


I love my Turkish towels.

Turkish cotton and AbsorbLite™ share similar fabric properties:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick-drying
  • Absorbent

I performed the same tests as above with one of my Turkish towels.

Turkish towels come in various thickness, so results may vary. Mine is on a thicker side.


My Turkish towel is as absorbent and compact as the Tesalate, and it also dries super quick.  

My Turkish towel is a bit lighter and cheaper.

The Tesalate repels sand completely, whereas some sand stick to my Turkish towel.

If you’re wondering which one to buy:

Get a Tesalate if you want a sand free towel for the beach.

Get a Turkish towel if you prefer the feel of cotton and want to save a bit of money.

They’re both versatile – I never know which one to pick on most occasions.

The Tesalate and Turkish are both my favourite towels.


Other sand-free towel brands can be half the price of a Tesalate.

How does the Tesalate compare?

I did the same experiment as above with one of my cheaper microfiber towels.


My cheaper towel dried faster because it’s thinner and lighter.

And because it doesn’t absorb as much water as the Tesalate.

Both towels repel the sand well.

Absorbency is the main difference.

The cheaper towel absorbed 0.8 litres compared to 1 litre for the Tesalate.

Also, the water takes a bit longer to absorb with the cheaper microfibre towels.

I like using my cheaper towels at the beach during warm summer days, but not so much for showers or in cool weather.

Which one should you get?

Get a cheaper microfibre towel if you want to use it mainly in hot weather when absorbency is less of a priority.  

Get a Tesalate if absorbency and versatility are essential.

I’ve been using my Tesalate for swims and showers when camping and travelling.

It performs great.

Tesalate is an excellent investment.  


Tesalate towel is super versatile.

It packs small, dries quick and doesn’t smell.

Other than the beach, you can use it at the pool, gym and showers.

So it’s perfect for travelling and camping.

You can also cover your chair with it, pack it on a hike and use it for picnics.

At camping, use it as a hand towel, tablecloth, floor mat or dry off your gear with it.  

Cover your children in the car or plane to protect them against the strong air conditioning.

My Tesalate comes with me anywhere I go.


So, does the Tesalate beach towel lives up to its claims?


Would I pay for one?


If I didn’t already have a Tesalate, I’d want to buy one.

I’m glad I’ve got mine.

Even my husband, who does not like microfibre towels, likes the Tesalate.

I love that it's sand free, absorbent, compact and super versatile. 

It’s also easy to care for.

Put the Tesalate in the cold wash and hang it to dry.

You can buy one online here.

Shipping is free.

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