4 of the Best Beach Towels to Buy in Australia in 2019


I’ve been researching the best beach towels to buy in Australia. 

Lalen Turkish Towel is one of the best beach towels to buy in Australia.

It was time for us to re-stock on beach towels since we live near the beach and spend most of our time there with the kids.

I wanted regular cotton towels, but also lightweight ones that dry fast. We often travel and walk to the beach.

Our current cotton towels take too much room in the bag. They’re heavy and take too long to dry... It doesn't make our trips to the beach very fun.

I can’t believe we’ve been travelling with these bulky towels for so long.

After reading many reviews, I’ve compiled a list of towels that perform well, are very cute and are a great size.

I’m delighted with the ones I found. And I’m totally happy to recommend them (below).

Whether you want a plush cotton towel to lounge on the sand or a lightweight towel for travelling, you’ll find good options below.

Check out these towels you can buy in Australia that will brighten up your summer.

Compare the 4 Beach towels





Lalen Turkish Towels

Best Turkish


Round towels by The Beach People

Best round


Microfiber Towels by Dock & Bay

Best sand free


Turkish Towels by Nicola Spring

Best value


Top Beach Towels in Australia

1. Lalen Turkish Towels – Best Turkish 

Lalen Turkish Towels are great quality and so versatile.

I love Turkish towels!

Lalen Turkish towel is my favourite beach towel. If I could only own one towel it would be this one.

It's great quality, so versatile, soft, lightweight and compact, and it dries quickly. 

This towel is great for travelling light or walking to the beach with kids. 

It takes little space in the bag when folded up but the size is generous when it's spread out. I bought a size L which is a perfect size for me but you can also buy size XL. 

Also the sand doesn’t stick to the towel much because of the flat-woven fabric.

The fabulous thing about quality Turkish towels: they’re absorbent and dry fast. And they become softer after many washes. 

Lalen Turkish beach towel was designed by a couple in Burleigh Heads, Australia. And it's woven in a family-owned workshop in the Aegean region in Turkey.

Lalen Turkish beach towels are excellent quality: They’re made with 100% Aegean cotton. Aegean cotton has long fibres which make towels durable, soft and absorbent. 

You can also get a towel that’s bamboo/cotton blend.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Dries quickly
  • Absorbent
  • Softer after multiple washes
  • Durable
  • Many choices of colours and sizes


  • None that I can think of

2. Round Towel by The Beach People – Best Round

The Round Towels by The Beach People are great quality and stylish.

My favourite towel for lounging is the round towel by The Beach People

The towel is excellent quality – it's made to last and stay soft.

I like to carry this towel around when the air is a bit cool. It's thick and warm and it feels luxurious and super soft. 

Round towels have a larger area than rectangle towels which is handy if you want to share a sitting spot.

Plus it’s easy to spot them on the beach because they stand out among all the rectangle towels.

I also like that the round towel is a snug shape for kids. Our towel wraps around my 7-year old snugly – no corners drag on the ground.

And the designs by The Beach People look stylish. 

This round towel was created in Australia by two sisters.

The sisters started the business in their back shed. Since the launch of the round towel went viral in 2013, many companies have imitated it. These ones by The Beach People are the first circular towels ever made.


  • Stylish; amazing designs
  • Excellent quality; made to last
  • Feels super soft
  • Thick and absorbent


  • Expensive

3. Microfiber Towels by Dock & Bay - Best Sand Free

Are you looking for a beach towel that doesn't carry the sand back home? 

The Microfiber Towel by Dock & Bay is brilliant. It’s easy to wipe the sand off it.

This towel is also great for travelling...

It folds up small, it's lightweight and it dries fast.

It's a perfect towel if you need to pack light like when travelling or cycling to the beach with your surfboard. Or when you need to put it back into the suitcase after the beach. Without sand. 

It's actually the most compact towel listed on this page. It's compact when folded up but large enough to wrap around you.

They come in 2 generous sizes. 

This towel also does a good job at drying you off, looks pretty and is soft.

You can fold this towel up and insert it into a little bag that comes with it.

Keep in mind that the Microfiber Towel by Dock & Bay is not plush & fluffy like a typical cotton towel. The surface is smooth. It feels more like a thick, high-quality bed sheet or even a curtain (that’s where the original idea came from).

The towel was created by two friends, Andy and Ben, who needed a great towel for travelling. They thought that normal towels are too big, bulky, take too long to dry and the sand gets stuck to them. 

It's made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide and holds twice its weight in water.


  • Very compact
  • Lightweight
  • Dries quickly
  • Sand doesn’t stick
  • Many choices of colours and sizes


  • Doesn't feel as plush as regular towels 

4. Turkish Towels by Nicola Spring - Best Value 

If you’re looking for a lovely Turkish towel that's amazing value, check out the Turkish towels by Nicola Spring.

The quality won't disappoint. 

It's a great pick if you need to stock up on beach towels, like when you're receiving visitors or need spare beach towels (you can buy them in a pack of 4). 

This towel is lightweight and rolls up small – takes hardly any space in the beach bag.

It dries fast as well which is useful if you need to reuse it later.

And it's a good size: you can wrap the towel around you, lie on it and use it as a sarong.

This towel is so handy – ideal for walking to the beach, cycling with your surfboard or travelling.


  • Great value
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Dries quickly


  • A bit rough to the touch but it may soften up after a few washes. I'll update this if it happens. 
Best beach towels you can buy in Australia.

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