5 of the Best Beach Towels to Buy in Australia in 2019

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I’ve been researching the best beach towels to buy in Australia. 

Lalen Turkish Towel is one of the best beach towels to buy in Australia.

It was time for us to re-stock on beach towels. We live near the beach on the Central Coast and spend most of our time there with the kids.

I wanted regular cotton towels but also lightweight ones that dry fast... We often travel and walk to the beach.

Our current cotton towels take too much room in the bag. They’re heavy and take too long to dry... it doesn’t make our trips to the beach very fun. I can’t believe we’ve been travelling with these bulky towels for so long!

After reading many reviews, I’ve compiled a list of towels that perform well, are very cute and are a great size. I’m delighted with the ones I found. And I’m happy to recommend them (below).

Whether you want a plush cotton towel or a lightweight one for travelling, you’ll find good options below.

Check out these towels you can buy in Australia that will brighten up your summer.

1. Lalen Turkish Towels – Best Turkish 

Lalen Turkish towels

Lalen Turkish towels are lightweight and fold small. They’re great for travelling light or walking to the beach with kids because they take so little space. And the sand doesn’t stick to them much because of the flat-woven fabric.

The fabulous thing about quality Turkish towels: They’re absorbent and dry fast. And they become softer after multiple washes. It's our go-to towel over summer.

Turkish towels are so versatile... you can wear these towels as a sarong and even use them as a tablecloth or a bath towel.

Lalen Turkish beach towels were designed by a couple in Burleigh Heads, Australia. And they’re woven in a family-owned workshop in the Aegean region in Turkey.

Lalen Turkish beach towels are excellent quality. They’re made with 100% Aegean cotton (no synthetic fibres). Aegean cotton has long fibres that give towels excellent durability, strength, softness and absorbency. 

You can also get a towel that’s bamboo/cotton blend.

The towels come in four colours and  sizes. Tall people will appreciate the generous x-large size. The designs are simple and the colours attractive—you can pick indigo, mint, ash or coral.


  • Great quality
  • Super soft
  • Compact 
  • Lightweight
  • Absorbent 
  • Fast drying


  • Not as warm as a thick fluffy towel in winter

Check the price or read reviews...

2. Sumoii - Best for Travel 

Sumoii beach towel is perfect for those travelling, camping or walking and cycling to the beach.

This beach towel is super easy to carry. It’s lightweight and packs up very small. It doesn’t take much more space than a folded t-shirt yet unfolds in a generous size—190 cm x 90 cm.

It dries super quick and the sand doesn’t stick to it. Shake the sand off, hang the towel with the elastic tie and it will be dry again in no time at all and clean.

What also makes Sumoii stands out is the four sand anchor pockets which keep the towel from blowing away in the wind.

Also, don’t want to leave your phone, money and keys in plain sight while you’re out in the water? Well, Sumoii beach towel has an integrated zipper-pocket to keep your possessions safe!

Sumoii is thin, very soft and comes in cute stripes. It’ 100% Australian-owned and made with zero plastics. 

Sumoii is super ingenious and not your average microfibre towel.

They offer free shipping worldwide, same day dispatch and 30 day return.


  • Very compact
  • Lightweight
  • Quick drying
  • Sand doesn’t stick
  • Sand anchor pockets
  • Integrated zipper pocket for phone, keys, money


  • Microfibre towels don't have the softness of fluffy beach towels
  • A tiny bit awkward to wrap around your waist due to the sand pockets

Check the price...

3. Turkish Towels by Nicola Spring - Best Value 

Turkish towels by Nicola Spring

If you’re looking for lovely Turkish towels that won’t break the bank, check out Turkish towels by Nicola Spring. The quality won’t disappoint.

These towels are lightweight and roll up small—they take hardly any space in the beach bag. They dry fast as well which is useful if you need to reuse them later. And they’re a good size: You can wrap the towels around you, lie on them and use them as a sarong.

Come in varied and vibrant colours like pink, dark blue, grey and light blue.

Best of all the Turkish Towels by Nicola Spring are great value. You can buy them singly or in a pack of two, three or four. The set of four is the best value—you can stock up on these towels.


  • Great value
  • Vibrant colours
  • Compact 
  • Lightweight
  • Quick drying


  • Not the softest towel
  • Not as warm as a thick fluffy towel over winter

Check the price or read more reviews... 

4. Round Towel by The Beach People – Best Luxury

the round towels by The Beach People

The round towels by The Beach People look stylish, they’re thick, heavy, super soft and top quality.

These towels are perfect for lounging on the beach or throwing on the lawn—they're great to use for picnics.

Round towels have a larger area than rectangle towels, handy for sharing a sitting spot. 

Plus, it’s easy to spot them on the beach because they stand out among all the rectangle towels.

The Round Towels by The Beach People are top quality too—they’re made to last and stay soft.

And the designs are stunning... The towels have a tassel fringe around the edge and beautiful motifs. 

These round towels were invented in Kingscliff NSW by sisters Emma and Victoria. The sisters started the business in their back shed.

Since the launch of these round towels went viral in 2013, many companies have imitated them. These round towels by The Beach People are the first circular towels ever made.


  • Beautiful designs
  • Excellent quality
  • Super soft
  • Thick 
  • Absorbent
  • Makes a great picnic blanket


  • Expensive
  • Too heavy and bulky for travelling

Check the price or read more reviews... 

5. Microfiber Towels by Dock & Bay 

Microfiber Towels by Dock & Bay

Are you looking for a beach towel that’s very compact and lightweight and dries fast? Then check out Microfiber Towels by Dock & Bay.

It’s also easy to wipe the sand off these towels—fabulous if you need to put them back into the suitcase after the beach.

They’re perfect if you need to pack light... like when travelling, walking to the beach, or cycling with your surfboard. They’re actually the fastest drying and most compact towels listed on this page.

You can fold these towels up and insert them into a little bag that comes with it.

Keep in mind that the Microfiber Towels by Dock & Bay are not plush & fluffy like typical cotton towels. The surface is smooth. They feel more like a thick, high-quality bed sheet or even a curtain. But they do a good job at drying you off and they're soft. 

These revolutionary towels were created by two friends, Andy and Ben. They needed a great towel for travelling. They thought normal towels are too big, bulky, take too long to dry, and the sand gets stuck to them. These towels solved the problems. 

The towels come in  generous sizes. They’re large enough to wrap around you but very compact when folded up. The towels come in colourful stripes like Cabana Bondi Blue and Summer Rainbow Skies.

They’re made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide and hold twice their weight in water.


  • Very compact 
  • Lightweight
  • Quick drying
  • Sand doesn’t stick
  • Look pretty


  • Microfibre towels don't have the softness of fluffy beach towels
  • Not as warm as a thick fluffy towel in winter

Check the price or read more reviews...


Whichever beach towel is best for you depends on:

Do you live off your suitcase or carry a lot of gear to the beach? Then a very compact and fast drying towel which the sand doesn’t stick to—like Sumoii and Dock & Bay—is ideal.

Do you want a versatile, fast drying and compact towel that you can use anywhere? Then a Turkish towel is great for that purpose. Lalen Turkish towel is excellent quality and absorbent and Nicola Spring is great value. 

Or do you mainly want to lounge on the sand? Warm yourself or you kids up after a swim? Then a plush cotton towel is perfect for that purpose—it feels luxurious and warm. 

Comparing sizes of Lalen versus Dock & Bay
Nicola Spring towel

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Best beach towels you can buy in Australia.

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