Somersby Falls


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Somersby Falls… they may not be Niagara Falls nor Victoria Falls but I bet you couldn’t stand underneath any of those waterfalls like that... 

These waterfalls bring a lot of smiles to people’s faces. I must admit there’s something mesmerising about cascading water rushing down over rocks.

There are two waterfalls lower down a bush track: The top and bottom waterfalls.

The top waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall and it's located mid-way down the path. The bottom waterfall is at the bottom of the trail. 

It's a great place to visit if it's hot. You'll stay cool underneath the rainforest canopy and beside the water. 

Somersby Falls Walk - 500 m Return - Steep

The bush track starts at the picnic ground, beside the car park. The distance to and from the last waterfall is only 500 metres, but the walk is steep.

people walking down stairs in the bush

The bushwalk is graded medium to difficult because you need to walk down steps all the way to the waterfalls.

And the steps are slippery in some parts, especially between the top and bottom waterfall. 

On the photo below is a mini-waterfall we saw on the way down. There was no one there. It was nice to hang out there with the kids. They had fun exploring the puddles and rocks, away from the crowds...

mini waterfall

Keep walking down the track...

Somersby Falls walk

... and you arrive at the top waterfall…

The Top Waterfall

The top waterfall is located half way, 100 metres from the start. It’s easy to get to this one because the walk is mainly through stairs.

It’s is the biggest and prettiest of the two waterfalls. So if you don’t want to bother descending more steps, you can stop there and enjoy.

It’s fun watching people having a good time and getting wet underneath the waterfall.

Somersby Falls Top Waterfall people visiting

The waterfalls obviously can look different after a big rainfall. The best time to visit is after rain.  

Kids have fun in the shallow water on the rock platform.

people standing next to a waterfall

Continue walking down the steps and you arrive at the bottom waterfall...

The Bottom Waterfall

The walk to the bottom waterfall is more slippery. For the last part of the bush track you walk on wet, narrow stone steps. Though I’ve seen people walking with thongs so it can’t be that bad. 

Somersby Falls Bottom Waterfall

The bottom waterfall and rock platform are similar to the previous one but smaller.

Somersby Falls Picnic Ground

The picnic spot is the first thing you'll see when you arrive at Somersby Falls. It's beside the car park and at the start of the walk. 

It was empty when I took this photo, but it can get packed in summer during the school holidays. I was surprised once to see touring busses with groups of people and so many families having picnics. The bush track was also packed with tourists. 

There's a barbecue, picnic tables and clean toilets as well as lush vegetation all around. Bring food and water, a ball, a picnic rug and chairs. Join the fun. 

Picnic ground Somersby Falls

Most people leave their food and things in their car or at the picnic ground before they walk down to the waterfalls. Don’t carry too many things with you on the bush track, because the walk is slippery. 


Be careful with small children.  I was quite stressed with my little boy who wanted to run everywhere.  There's a steep drop on the left side at the top waterfall. 

You can see the cliff on the photo below but it doesn't look as deep as it is for real. Something to keep in mind if you visit with young kids. 

But the rock platform is large enough to safely move away from the cliff and hang out near the waterfall.


Visitor Information

Hours: 9 am to 8 pm during light saving time or 5 pm at any other time.

Price: It's free to visit but parking is $8. Or park for free along Somersby Falls Road – it's only a few metres away.

Dogs: Not allowed.

Where to eat: There's no cafe nearby so bring a picnic or drive to Waterfall Cafe on Parklands Road, Somersby.  I totally recommend it. It's the best cafe nearby and it's only 10 minutes away by car.

Getting thereLocated near Gosford, 1 hr from Sydney or 1 hr 15 min from Newcastle. From Sydney exit the M1 toward Gosford. There’s no public transport.

The carpark is located at the end Somersby Falls Road in Somersby. If you’re using a GPS use this address: 265 Somersby Falls Road, Somersby

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