9 Best Things to Do in Woy Woy 

Woy Woy

Woy Woy is a coastal town on the Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia.

The town is part of a peninsula with other lovely coastal towns: Ettalong Beach, Umina Beach and Pearl Beach.

The peninsula is densely populated, and it attracts many holidaymakers in summer. It's for sure an ideal trip from Sydney.

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Woy Woy is just over an hour from Sydney via the M1. The train trip is also a great way to get here... Woy Woy Station is metres away from the waterfront and shops at Deepwater Plaza.

Enjoy scenic waterways, fresh seafood and the New Age shops at Gnostic Corner. 

Woy Woy waterfront

And visit the peninsula's beautiful beaches and Brisbane Water National Park.

Also, bring your bicycles. It's a great place to cycle because the area is flat and has good cycleways.

The name 'Woy Woy' is believed to have originated from the Aboriginal word 'Wy Wy', which means 'much water' or 'big lagoon'. An appropriate name since the area is surrounded by a lot of water.

The peninsula is surrounded by water inlets, beaches and long stretches of coastline.

Best Things to Do In and Near Woy Woy

1. Woy Woy Beaches

Woy Woy Peninsula

Scenic beaches are located a 10-minute drive from Woy Woy town centre.

Ettalong Beach is a small, calm stretch of sand on Brisbane Water. It's unpatrolled but protected from the swells. This beach is considered one of the safest swimming spots on the Central Coast.

The water is calm and shallow. And there's a lovely foreshore with play equipment, a picnic area, a cafe and a walkway.

It's a great fishing spot as well.

Ocean Beach is a patrolled beach in Umina. The waves are small, so it's an ideal spot to learn to surf.

Beside the beach is the massive Umina Playground. You'll find picnic spots, a BMX track, a skatepark, a large climbing net, a flying fox and a fenced toddler play area.

Pearl Beach is a peaceful stretch of sand in the bushland. Enjoy the calm water, ocean pool and the café and playground behind the beach.

Pearl Beach is unpatrolled, and people swim in the calmer section at the southern end. (The northern part is unsafe for swimming.)

2. Shop at Gnostic Corner 

Gnostic Corner Woy Woy Peninsula

Gnostic Corner includes nine New Age shops in Woy Woy town centre.

Gnostic is defined as 'relating to knowledge, especially esoteric mystical knowledge'.

And New Age is defined as 'a broad movement characterised by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, with interest in spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism'.

There's no better way of describing Gnostic Corner.

You'll find yoga and meditation classes, alternative books, crystals, incense, and more.

And there's a cafe with vegan and vegetarian food and great coffee.

3. Enjoy Fish n Chips at Fishermen’s Wharf

Fishermen's Wharf Woy Woy

Fishermen's Wharf is the place to go for fresh seafood and fish and chips. There's a seafood market and also a lovely waterfront restaurant.

Fishermen's Wharf has been run by the Cregan-Clayton family for over 35 years.

Enjoy sitting on the verandah while overlooking the peaceful Brisbane Water. Or grab a takeaway to enjoy at the park. Kids can entertain themselves in the playground.

4. Enjoy a Picnic at the Waterfront

Lions Park Woy Woy

The waterfront at Lions Park is enjoyable and peaceful. You can walk or cycle along the water on the paved pathway or enjoy a picnic while the kids have fun at the playground.

You'll see heaps of seagulls and mangrove vegetation at Pelican Island.

5. Cycle from Woy Woy to Gosford 

Cycleway Woy Woy

If you have a bicycle, ride to Gosford on the 13-kilometre bicycle path. It's one of the best bicycle rides on the Central Coast.

The pathway follows the edge of Brisbane Water, so the ride is scenic. The path is flat and away from traffic, and you'll pass a couple of playgrounds. It's a pleasant ride for kids.

You can also swim a few laps in the Olympic pool at the end of the cycleway.  

6. Hop on the Central Coast Ferries

Central Coast Ferries - Woy Woy Peninsula

Head to Saratoga or Davistown over scenic waterways aboard Central Coast Ferries. It's only a short trip.

Davistown is a great destination. Have lunch and a cold beer at Davistown RSL Club, a fantastic family-friendly pub. There's a large grassy area with a playground outside. You can also walk the Illoura walk along the waterfront at Davistown.

The ferry leaves Woy Woy Wharf several times a day.

7. Walk to Bulgandry Aboriginal Art

Bulgandry Aboriginal Art Site - Woy Woy Peninsula

Enjoy a short walk in the bush and see Aboriginal engravings.

The engravings are very clear, and the signboards provide information. It's an interesting experience, particularly for kids.

The Bulgandry Aboriginal Art site is in Brisbane Water National Park, a short drive from Woy Woy.

The walk to the engravings is suitable for an all-terrain pram or wheelchair. But keep in mind there's loose gravel on the track.

Park in the small carpark on Woy Woy Road, 2 kilometres north of Staples Lookout. The road is sealed. 

8. Enjoy a Bike Ride or a Walk Along Tommos Loop 

Kariong Brook Fall - Woy Woy Peninsula

The Tommos loop trail in Brisbane Water National Park is an excellent mountain biking track.

The trail is about 6 kilometres, but you can combine the Tommos loop with the Rocky Ponds. Both routes add up to 20 kilometres.

Take a detour to Kariong Brook Falls, a beautiful waterfall in a valley. Follow the track indicated "Girrakool" off the Tommos loop to get there. This track descends over boulders for 300 metres.

Also, take a detour to Mt Wondabyne, the highest peak in Brisbane Water National Park. You'll get 360° views from the top.

Park in the small carpark on Woy Woy Road, 350 metres south of Staples Lookout.

9. Visit Staples Lookout

Staples Lookout - Woy Woy Peninsula

Staples Lookout is located on Woy Woy Road in Brisbane Water National Park.

Stop at the lookout on your way to or from the Tommos loop trail or the Bulgandry Aboriginal Engraving site.

From Staples Lookout, you can see a vast expense of bush and Brisbane Water. Have a picnic – there's a picnic table.

Getting to Woy Woy

By Car

Located 1hr 20min north of Sydney or 1hr 25min south of Newcastle via the M1 Motorway. Take the Central Coast Highway/A49 exit. Follow the directions on Google Maps.

By Train

By train: It's easy to get here by train from Sydney. Take the Central Coast & Newcastle railway line and alight at Woy Woy Station. The Woy Woy train station is right beside the town centre and waterfront.

By Ferry

Hop on a ferry from Palm Beach to Ettalong Beach, then cycle or catch a bus to Woy Woy. 

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