Amazement Farm & Fun Park

Amazement Farm & Fun Park

Amazement Farm & Fun Park is a lovely farm in the countryside where children can interact with farm animals.

Lots of fun things around the site at Amazement Farm & Fun Park keep little ones busy and excited.

It's also great for parents as you can relax in a chilled farm atmosphere in the countryside. 

They'll give you a schedule at admission. Kids can pet the animals during the scheduled activities.

Schedule of activities

9.30 - Farmyard animal petting & bottle feeding

10.30 - Wildlife presentation

11.30 - Reptile presentation

12.30 - Donkey walk & pat

1.30 - Wildlife presentation

1.45 - Farmyard animal petting & bottle feeding

2.30 - Reptile presentation

Interacting With Farm Animals

Kids will encounter many different animals at Amazement Farm & Fun Park.

They get to feed camels and goats and can also ride a pony.

The train ride to see the African Lions and feed the camels and ostrich is a highlight.

You’ll also see beautiful large exotic birds and emus.

And there’s a fish tank at the cafe.

Cuddling a bunny at Bunny Burrow
Feeding goats and sheep
Feeding a goat
Baby goat

The Maze and Other Fun Things

These fun extras at Amazement Farm & Fun Park keep kids interested for hours.

Small children will enjoy bumping into dead ends and trying to find their way out in the hedges maze. 

A small playground is located next to covered picnic tables.

Beside the playground are a cubby house and small bikes that small children can use.

It’s a great spot to picnic while your kids are playing.

Other fun games throughout the site entertain children between animal visits.

Lawn bowling is very popular.

There’s also a checker game and wooden games on the tables at the cafe. Kids can play noughts and crosses while waiting for their food. 

Never a dull moment.

Hedges maze at Amazement Farm & Fun Park
Sliding at the playground
Lawn bowling


Amazement's Big Barn Café is right beside the maze and the animal enclosures. You can walk back and forth to and from the cafe throughout the day.

The view from the verandah is not bad.

Bring a picnic too. 

If you’re looking for a fun place to go with your small children, visit Amazement Farm & Fun Park!

Amazement's Big Barn Café

Visitor Information

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